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Find out about the Online Paid Survey Industry

Let me tell you about a well guarded secret about the Online Paid Survey industry. This vital point is basically what the professionals have been doing and what serves as a barrier to entry for the amateur which in effect protects the jobs of the professionals.

What I'm going to try do here is explain to you how Online Surveys work and why some people make good money (e.g. $50 per hour) while some people sign up to hundreds of different companies but never receive a check in the mail then give up in vain.

The first and most important Myth that I'll like to dissipate is that all companies online that ask for survey participants are large and reputable companies. I'll be straight with you, The majority of online survey sites are run by one person. 90% of all survey sites online are actually run by one person who collects data then re-sells it to larger established survey sites for a profit. As they say, follow the profit!

It is this very reason that you get complains from many people saying that they have actually signed up with hundreds of different online paid survey sites and not received a check in the mail yet. These people thought they were smart and just went online to search for survey sites and signed up for all without even going through a background check or if these survey sites were even reputable. 

People who just sign up for any survey site without doing a background check as asking to waste their time and I can almost guarantee that they will never receive a check! It is this reason that you have professional survey "executives" as I'll like to call them and the novice idiots who never get paid a cent.

Just to drill it in, the most important thing to have is a list of REPUTABLE survey companies that would consistantly pay you for your work! Thats it! Get your head screwed on well and understand this very important concept if you want to succeed.

Anyway, its about time I introduced myself, My name is Ryan Parker and I've had the "luck" of doing things the dumb way by signing up to every survey site that I know off only to not received any money at all for my efforts. I have been stupid but I learned my lesson and want to share it with you guys. Please for heaven's sake, spend a small amount of money like $30 to get a comprehensive list of REPUTABLE sites so you don't waste your time. I mean seriously, you'll be paid something like $30 an hour anyway so lets not be penny wise pound foolish ok? I will pay of in the long-run, when you think about it its also very obvious.

Read on and I'll tell you in why having a list of survey sites is absolutely necessary and why these two lists are the Best Online Paid Survey list sites on the Internet:
- The most comprehensive list;
- Lists largest survey companies;
- Suitable for US users only

- 2nd most comprehensive list;
- List smaller survey companies;
- Suitable for International users.



Additional Articles About Online Paid Survey Industry

Online Paid Surveys - A Legitiate Home Business?

Which one are you looking for: a work at home job or a home based business? Did you answer "work at home job"? Most people will give the same response, not because they really want a boss breathing down their neck, just because they never realised having their own business was an option.

The sad truth is that just about all the people who don't consider anything beyond a traditional salaried job are going to be disappointed. No matter how hard or long they search, they won't find what they are hoping for. The reason for this is very simple: there are just not enough home based jobs to go round, there never have been. The work at home job opportunities you see advertised online will, on investigation, turn out to be freelance work or self-employed commission only work or, worst of all, scams. There are even unscrupulous website owners who will demand a fee from you to let you view a list of non-existent jobs.

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Money making on online paid survey sites

I tried so many things to make money online, some worked and some didn't I bought so many things in hopes to make money online.

Then I stumbled onto some sites that actually pay you to take surveys online. I know what people think about programs like that, and I thought the same thing until I made 25.00 on my first survey I had nothing to lose till I gave it a shot, it only took me 15 minutes to complete I thought it was a joke.

Well it wasn't a joke I went on the next day and another site paid me 35.00 to take another survey. There is all kind of sites that will pay you for taking surveys, don't get me wrong you will not get rich from doing this I would be lying if I said that, but I did make some decent extra money for almost doing nothing.

I wrote this little story because I wish someone would have told me about this a long time ago, and I want to tell other people. You have to be careful though when you go onto certain sites I found some people don't pay as much as others and some don't pay at all, so be careful Take it from me.

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Availability Of Internet Business Opportunities - Online Surveys?

Internet businesses are booming, in many fields, all over the world. Now, as never before, you can be sure to find yourself myriad work from home internet business opportunities. No matter where you go or what you do, in the world, you will be sure to find opportunities that will allow you to make a decent income on and off the internet. It all depends on how well informed you do your triage or due diligence or investigation of business possibilities before you invest time and money out of your life into one. Saving you a little bit of work, this article will outline some of the common work at home internet business opportunities available. This list includes: Affiliate programs. No list of work from home based opportunities is complete without mentioning affiliate programs. Hundreds of thousands of people now make a full and part time income in this burgeoning industry. In affiliate programs, you usually earn commissions by selling the products of someone else and advertising his or her web site. It is a simple enough concept. You sign up or join with a partner company, help them sell their products or raise awareness of their company, and you get paid for your targeted marketing services. Planning to make some money here. It is probably best to build your own website.

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Get Paid to Take Online Paid Surveys Guaranteed

Take surveys for money. You can make thousand's a month by taking surveys from home guranteed. First I want you to try all the other survey companies, then once they fail I want you to try ours. You will not be disappointed. This will enable you to make extra cash without quiting you job. Or you can take it on full time and once you see the money coming in quit your current job. * Get paid to take online surveys - $5 to $75 per survey! * Get paid to participate in online focus groups $50 to $150 per hour! * Get paid to try new products - keep the products and get paid too! * Get paid to preview movie trailers $4 to $25 per hour!

Q : Why will companies pay me to fill out surveys or participate in focus groups? A: Companies need your input in order to be successful. They need to know what everyday people want in their products, what they prefer, and what will prompt them to buy the products and services the company offers. This is called market research. By providing companies with this information, you are providing them with a valuable service. It gives them an edge on the competition and aids them in the success of their products and services.

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Are Online Paid Surveys Legitimate?

How many times have you seen advertisements telling you how much money you can make after paying them a small fee? They all try selling you the "work at home" dream and yet most of them are nothing more than scams. Trust me, I've tested some of them and the others I know from experience how hard it is to actually make money at it. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! And if you could really make it rich off of someone's brilliant secret they're mysteriously sharing wouldn't everyone be doing it?

Of all the "make money online" ideas I've tried myself (besides building my own websites) the ONLY one that has worked continuously well is taking paid surveys. Believe it or not, they really do pay!

I started off over 3 years ago by signing up with a couple of the larger survey companies I could find. After a couple weeks I had my first $20.00 check in my hand and it only took 3 or 4 surveys to earn it. I started scouring the net and came up with a large list of companies and went through the pain-staking task of filling in my info for each one. Sure it was a pain but it paid off and it's still paying off 3 years later! Better yet, they now have programs out there that will fill your information for you! My, how times have changed...

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It is Easy to Take a Survey and Get Paid Cash

You can take a free survey and get paid. It is easy and available from your computer. There are a variety of survey companies online and not all are reputable, but once you locate a good reputable company, it will be easy to earn some extra money. Surveys are quickly becoming a great way for people to make quick cash, just for giving their opinions.

After completing a survey for money, you can continue working on other surveys and continue making money. Every questionnaire is going to be different and interesting to fill out. You will not get bored filling out paying surveys.

Once you develop a system for your surveys, you will have a constant survey pay day. Many times you will hear statistics that say, "a study of 100 married women says..." or something similar. Those statistics usually come from a paid survey, like the ones you will be doing.

Surveys are available for a variety of different types of people. Usually before you complete a long survey, you will be asked a few short questions to see if you fit the need for a study. If you match what the company is looking for, they will explain the pay you will receive for completing the entire survey.

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How To Select Online Paid Survey Sites

Do you know that doing Cash Paid Surveys have a reliable source of extra income for many people nowadays?

It is the most convenient and easy way to earn extra money with very little work, in the comfort of your own home besides your full-time employment.

Sounds unbelievable to most people, but it is true and is happening all around us.

If you are looking for such an income generator, then prepare yourself before taking the plunge.

Some Basic Steps to Getting Setup with Cash Paid Survey:

Select your sites.

First, simply go to the internet and select a few sites that offer cash paid surveys and read carefully what they are offering you. Some sites will offer you direct access to the marketing companies who process the surveys.

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Online Paid Survey Work for a Young Person --- Part time Job, Enhancement of Skills, Utilization of time

Youth is considered the best part of life. Full of energy, high aims and looking to be independent. So how would you react being a young person if you get all these things in a single deal and without any hidden costs? I am sure, you would be more than positive. The cyber world welcomes such energetic and committed persons. Youth always want to be independent instead of asking your parents for money all the time. You want to be highlighted in your circle. You have access to internet and you surf and chat a lot. What did you get in so many years doing all this? It's the high time to talk about something serious so go on the web and search for some opportunities waiting to be availed.

You are a student of Software engineering or you are diving in the ocean of literature. Would you like you skills to be polished and in addition be paid for it? You would so this would not only strengthen your present but will pave for new destination in your professional life.

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Earn US Dollar In Your Pyjamas?

Did you know you can make good money filling out online surveys sitting at home in your pajamas? Getting paid for your opinions seems to be a dream. But its TRUE.

Many people ask me everyday - "Nick, there are so many 'make money on the net' guides out there - which one shall I buy - which one really brings in money - I finally want to start making money on the net".

Every year companies spend millions of dollars in Market Research. So they are ready to pay you (the consumers) for your opinion. And above all folks "You are at the right place at right time". As Survey market is very hot these days. New Survey opportunities are flooding the Market. Get paid by taking online Paid Surveys.

You can make as much as you want, Working from Home, depending on the time you spent filling surveys. You can work for 4 hrs or 8 hrs and earn acoordingly. This is ideal for those who dont want to go out for work. Just sit at your kitchen table and start earning more than you could ever think of.

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The Truth About Paid Surveys

Paid surveys aren't a new concept and they have been around for a very long time. Companies have used paid surveys to conduct market research, product launch and other related research from consumers within their target market. These companies have happily reimbursed the participants with either free products or cash payments. With the growth in online paid survey sites it is little wonder that many people are curious as to whether you can actually make money online. The short answer to that is yes, but you need to be aware of a few things before you go jumping into any paid survey site that promises you riches from the comfort of your home.

As with anything that promises you quick riches your alarm bells should automatically present warning signs. While not all sites are out to rip you off, the temptation for unscrupulous operators who have only one interest and that is to part you from your hard earned money is why some sites have given the rest of the online survey industry a bad reputation.

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